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What's In That Bag for Your Cochlear Implant? 4 Things...

Several have asked, "What's in that bag?" Well, this awesome headband for one thing! After surgery when I left the hospital, a nurse handed me this bag and said, "Make sure you bring this to your first activation appointment." I looked at it and actually laughed and wondered why such a huge bag for such a small device. Then I thought, "Oh, please tell me I don't have to carry it everywhere with me." I already carry a purse the size of Texas because my kids seem to think I am the carrier of all things from papers to toys to books that they decide to trek along when we go places. Thank goodness I don't have to, but I will say it is a really nice backpack!

There are several of cochlear implant companies to choose from. It's the same with hearing aids, so I did my research beforehand and chose Cochlear. The reason being is because from the beginning, Cochlear decided they wanted to develop an implant that they only had to improve the outside device. Mind boggling and incredibly smart. Therefore, one shouldn't need to have another surgery to replace the internal piece unless there were other complications. So their focus is on always improving the outer piece with technology.

So this bag is full of accessories that go with the implant. Pre-surgery, I picked four accessories that would be beneficial to me. I can pick one more over the next year.

I LOVE to workout! It's my outlet and I love all things health and nutrition. So the first picture, my first choice was the exercise band and waterproof case that will keep the processor from falling off and dry while I workout. Embracing the fashion and bringing back the 80s! The waterproof case makes it 100 percent waterproof. Hence, I could go swimming, white water rafting, paddle boarding, or canoeing with it on! How crazy is that! My kids have grown up yelling in the pool, "Don't splash around mom, she has her hearing aids in!" or I've always lip read in the ocean or just watched everyone in silence. Bring on the fun! (Still makes me nervous, but it is insured!)

The second picture is the charger. It is battery free, so I charge it every night. Kinda nice not changing a battery for a hearing aid every week and cheaper, too.

The third picture is a wireless microphone. So if I went to a conference or if we are in a large group, it will pick up the person talking and stream it straight to my processor. Yes, it is bluetooth! Mind blowing, which I'll write about in another post.

The fourth picture is a box of converters for international travel and a portable charger. Joseph and I have a heartbeat for widow and orphan care and lead trips to Ethiopia with Horizon International, so the converter is a must. I'm a little nervous about the first trip. It's not uncommon for appliances to get fried even with a converter. However, Cochlear is a worldwide company, so I'm sure it is made to work in other countries. Also, another reason why I chose to go with them. A portable charger is just nice to have. The proccessor holds a 36 hour charge, but you never know if the electricity might go out, especially in NE Ohio.

There ya go! Technology is incredible! Praise God for those who are gifted in this area because it has truly changed my life...

One Change a Day,

Aime Beth


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