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That's a Wrap...2nd Cochlear Implant Process Done!

Second CI Recovery and Adjustment:

-One...I love this guy and he has been AMAZING through this entire process. It has been a fun and challenging year, but there is no one I'd rather journey this with.

-I have said, "Shhhhh..." more times than I can count now...that's a good thing

-Biggest adjustment is getting used to so much noise from all directions

-Going from 90-110 dbl to 30 in both ears..super loud (30 is normal hearing)

-Not having to lip read...but I'll still lip read out of habit

-So used to not hearing that I think I didn't hear and say, "What?", but I realize I actually did hear...ha...I keep apologizing and saying, "Nevermind, I heard you". Old habits die hard...ha

-I am not so tired anymore and have so much more energy...not working so dang hard anymore to hear...feel so much more alive and empowered

-I keep wanting to check to see if I have hearing aid batteries with me before going to an event or large group setting in fear that they would changes take time getting use to

-Don't have to gear up to enter an event or large group where I know I will have to work to hear...completely freeing...

-Focused on getting back to healthier me...2 surgeries in one year is a lot on your body...

Sounds I still don't like...

-I want to buy my dog slippers bc I hate the sound of her paws and nails on the wood floors

-Joe shaving his beard...just the grosses sound ever...I can do without it

-Public restrooms...people peeing and people talking on their phones in stalls...really???

On January 11, I had my final CI adjustment and audiogram. Almost one year to the day of when my first CI was activated. Below are all 3 audiograms: presurgery both ears, post surgery left, and post surgery right. This blows me away. I wish people could experience the before and after...kinda like getting your own miracle...

Presurgery Audiogram

90-110 dbl

0% words/sentences correct left ear

40% and 22% words/sentences correct right ear

Postsurgery Audiogram (Left ear 5/24/21)

30 dbl

88% and 82% words/sentences correct left ear

Postsurgery Audiogram (1/11/22)

30 dbl

80% and 88% words/sentences correct right ear

Last night, our church, Fellowship City, had a Night of Worship. Tears flowed as I was surrounded by sound. The worship team did a song,"It Is Well"by Bethel, that one year ago, I could barely hear with my right hearing aid, but the words of that song helped me to cling to HOPE and calmed my soul in the midst of vertigo attacks when I was so sick after my first surgery and was wondering if I had made a huge mistake with my life. During that song last night, I couldn't get the words out. I just closed my eyes and listened and took it all in. It is well with my soul. It wrapped up my past year and was a reminder to me that in life, in every high, every low, through it all my eyes are on Jesus and it is well with my soul...I am thankful for the gift silence and for the gift of sound that He has given me in Him be the glory...

One Change a Day,

Aime Beth


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