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2nd Cochlear Implant Activated

A year ago if you told me that a cochlear implant would completely change my life , I wouldn't have believed you. I would've doubted you and questioned you. I was always skeptical and nervous about giving up any residual hearing I did have. Would it really be better? It felt like a gamble because you don't know what you don't know until you know, right? Hands down, my first CI alone is better than I ever heard with 2 hearing aids my entire life. There is no comparison. I feel like I was dead and came to life. People keep asking what it is like. The only analogy that I can think of that people can relate to is that if it were my eyesight, I only saw light and darkness before and now I see distinct, beautiful colors and clear, precise pictures. It's like that, but with hearing.

This morning was my activation appointment for my 2nd CI. I had my expectations set super low. I also in my heart of hearts was fine if for some reason this one didn't work because life is already better with just one CI. If you remember last time I only heard beeps for the first 10 hours and then I heard Joseph voice. Here is that video if you missed it the first time around. Then voices and beeps and then those beeps went away over time as my brain translated those beeps into clear, precise sounds and words. Technology and the body are amazing.

My prayer this time was I'd hear voices right away and I did! I am hearing voices and beeps right off the bat! The beeps are annoying and I am already feeling a little bit queasy, but I know that's just part of the process. Feels like surround sound and a little overwhelming, but I know the ropes this time around and know it only gets better over time.

Here's the video of the activation. Obviously, I'm so much calmer than when I first heard with the 1st one. That video still makes me cry. My eyes watered up this time, but I was able to hold composure. In the beginning, I promised to share the process in hopes that it helps just one person and I do know it already has. My surgeon said about 90% of people who need a cochlear implant never get one. Now that I am on the other side of that statistic, it makes me sad. The thing I have said the most throughout this is "I wish I had done this sooner." Thankful for the events that led me to this point and thankful that God has given me this amazing gift on this side of Heaven.

One Change a Day,

Aime Beth


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