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2nd Cochlear Implant Surgery Done!

Tomorrow is one week post surgery and this time around has been a completely different story! No sickness, no dizziness, no vertigo. Just normal recovery! Praise God! I had so much fear and anxiety leading up to this that I almost backed out. I literally would lay in bed at night questioning if I could do this again after having such a rough recovery last time and Joseph spent a fair share of time giving me a pep talk that it would be worth it in the long run. Honestly, he'd be a great boxing coach...pretty much what it took this time to get me to even step into the ring again.

Here's the twist with the surgery timeline. This time I was able to skip several of steps required for this surgery bc it was within a certain timeframe. I could still use my previous, cscan, MRI, extensive hearing test, etc. This is a $90,000 surgery and insurance approved this second one. (So thankful!) It's the end of year, so we've paid down our deductible thanks to the bazillion children we have. So our out of pocket expense is less. Timing is good all around. I tried to schedule it in between sport seasons for my kids. Then the Tuesday before my surgery, my daughter's high school soccer team won the State Semi Finals. If you know me, you know I love my kids and I love soccer. It is questionable which I love more...just kidding. Surgery was scheduled for Thursday morning and Friday was the State Finals. There was no way on earth I was missing that game and yet, I also couldn't postpone surgery or I basically would have to start the entire process over.

I have these moments in life that I call my Halley Comet moments. Moments that you learned from the experience and see things differently from that point forward. When I was 8, I was in Girls Scouts and we had a campout the year that Halley's Comet made it's grand appearance. It is only visible every 75-76 years. It won't be visible again until 2061. We were so excited and all geared up to witness and experience this amazing event in history. You guys, I slept through the whole thing!!! I missed it!!! I didn't hear/feel anyone wake up and I missed it!!! I was so disappointed and as a little girl, I swore I would always advocate for myself from that point on and wouldn't not miss life because of roadblocks from hearing loss. Lesson learned so young. This game felt like a Halley's Comet moment and I was not about to miss it over my dang hearing, so I made Joseph promise me that he would get me to that game regardless of what it took. So surgery on Thursday then on Friday, bundled up, sporting lovely headgear, and drugged up with meds, I made it to Columbus to witness my daughter and her team win the 2021 State Championship Title! I didn't miss it! I experienced and witnessed the first state title for CF Women's soccer since 1996 and the amazing team who accomplished it. Needless to say, I slept from the time he put me into the car after the game until 3 days later. And you know what...the next time Halley rolls around again, I'll be 83 years old. This time I believe I'll be the one who can hear better than everyone else

thanks to technology and will be waking up my friends to see Halley shine bright for all to see...

2021 State Champions Division II Soccer.

Activation appointment is on December 2, 2021. Amazing how life can change in just one year...thanks for joining me on this life changing journey. My prayer is the it has helped just one person to make that one change to move forward to a better life...

One Change a Day,

Aime Beth


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