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6 Days Till My Cochlear Implant Surgery...

How beautiful is this shaw! I absolutely love it! On Friday, Joseph and I spent the day cleaning up a boatload of fallen branches in our front yard from the last snowstorm before it begins to rain and snow again. It was a full day project. At about 1:30. he turns to me and says, “Hey, a few friends are coming at 2 to pray for your surgery and give you a small gift.” By this time, we had been out there working for 4 hours and I was sweaty and gross, but figured I could quickly shower or just be real in all my glorious mess…something I have been working on. Not tidying up myself or my house to impress. I don’t want to miss opportunities because life or my house doesn’t look picture perfect.

Being in ministry, we get to celebrate with people on their mountaintops and walk with people through their darkest valleys. We have seen it all. Nothing surprises us anymore. It causes you to judge whole lot less and love a whole lot more. It brings you to your knees every single day. About 10 years ago, I would rarely accept or ask for help. I ran on independence and would feel guilty if someone gave me a gift or offered to help because I could think of so many others who needed it more. Since moving here, God has slowly striped that notion away starting from day one when we first arrived in Chagrin with 5 kids and a full, moving truck. A group of teens from Fellowship showed up and completely unloaded it into our house. It was a lifesaver and I still have that group picture and many of those kids grew up into awesome adults who are now married. I’ve learned I need a village to help raise my kids and I can’t do it on my own. I couldn’t have picked a more incredible community to raise my kids. Many have been a lifeline throughout the years in getting to where we are now.

Fast forward 9 years and Joe mentions a few people are coming over. My first thought was, “Oh, I’m fine. Really, they don’t need to come.” Why do we revert to our old ways and thoughts? A couple of friends text who couldn’t make it because of mom life and a handful of friends showed up to pray. One of whom is a cancer survivor and is the spreader of joy in our community. She has impacted many because of her story. Her gift was this shaw. When she was diagnosed, a lady in her church gave her a shaw to wear during chemo. A prayer shaw that is wrapped in love during each treatment. When Joseph and I first got married, we lived the cancer life with my brother who had Osteosarcoma bone cancer and had his leg amputated as result at the age of 9. My dad is also a stage 4 melanoma survivor. I’ve seen and walked the floor of childhood cancer hospital floor, so I definitely did not feel worthy of this gift, but God doesn’t compare one hardship to another. He meets us where we are. Sometimes it is through group of friends who show up and love ya regardless of what the heck you can hear, stand 6 feet from you in a circle (thanks to a pandemic), and pray. Standing there in my driveway, three of my girls standing behind me, got to see women show up for each other. There is beauty in that. We need more that and we need to accept that when it comes our way. 6 months ago I wanted to rush this process because it would’ve been quicker and easier, but I would’ve missed all the blessings in between.

One Change a Day...

~Aime Beth


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