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2nd Cochlear Implant Activation Appt and a Few Funnies

A few funny things...too funny not to share

  1. my pee makes musical beeps. There you have it. Hopefully, it turns to sound sooner than later. For now, I have a tinkle jingle in my ear. Kinda like those musical potty chairs, but it's me. Alrighty then...

  2. It is incredibly weird not having a hearing aid in my ear. When I go outside and the wind blows past my ear, the sensation gives me the willies and my ears are colder. It's a little much. Ear muffs make way more sense now though I'll never be sporting them, but wait until you see my CI headband for running that holds my processor on...I'm bringing back the 80s!

  3. Onomatopoeia: the formation of a word from sound associated with what it is named. You guys, I am actually starting to hear them! The ticking of a actually almost made me cry!

  4. I am still trying to learn to put this thing on and I can't clip it in without my hair sticking up. So if my hair is sticking up, don't fix it, it probably took my 5 tries to get it to look like that. So just consider it my latest fashion and go with it. It's like I'm 5 again trying to learn to braid my own hair. Biggest question: Can I see it? you go with proof of my sheer awkwardness with trying to put it on...

This is the magnetic processor. I clip it in because it's basically the cost of a car. My luck if it fell completely off is I'd step on it or my dog would eat it, so a clip it is. Yes, I'm a little expensive...

This morning, I had my 2nd activation appt with my audiologist. Her eyes watered when I told her I could hear my family's voices and other sounds. She was amazed on how well it's progressing so far given the history of my hearing loss. She said I was already further than she thought I'd be right now. I could hear her voice and understand her with lip reading bc she had a clear mask on. I think I will always lipread by default bc I've gained clarity through it my entire life. Last appt, she was just beeps. So incredible and I can't begin to explain all the feels. She set it on level 2 and there are 4 levels to work through again to get used to even more input and sounds. When I take off now, I feel like I am sitting in silence even with my right hearing aid in. Given just the volume it's added already, it's defiantely more volume than I had before. So what am I hearing? Beeps and sounds. Little by little the beeps will keep turning to sounds! Every new sound and input will be a beep and the beeps I've been hearing will keep slowly changing to words and sounds. It's all a process!

Next activation appt is Feb 24! Several have asked: What's in that backpack? I'll show you next advancements are amazing!

One Change a Day,

~Aime Beth


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