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One Million Arrows

"Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior's hands. How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them!" ~ Psalm 127:4-5

I wrote this post 11 years ago on our adoption blog when we were in the process of adopting Jada and my goal to compile things I've written for fun over the years into one spot, so reposting it here. 11 years later, we live in a different state, we go to a different church, we are in a different position on staff, but we here we are still learning, growing, and raising up arrows to shoot out and change the world...

"I think I've mentioned before that my husband is a pastor. Last week, our church had our annual adventure week or vbs in common terms. We had about 700+ kids attend throughout the week. It's an adventure alright! It's a little crazy, little fun, and little tiring, but well worth it! There is nothing sweeter than watching these kiddos sing, dance, and worship their little hearts out before the Lord and I love to watch Joseph creatively teach them the same ole' bible story in a whole new way. This week, he repelled from the rafters while yes...not your typical boring teaching. (Looking back, I'm still amazed by his leadership in this role.) As I listened, I couldn't help but to think that these children can do mighty things for God now and in the future. Out in that crowd of little people, there could have sat the next Billy Graham, Jim Elliot, or Katie Davis. World changers.

A few weeks ago on the way home from GA, I read One Million Arrows out loud to him. (Kind of silly, but it killed time and it was fun to read and talk the whole way home in between catering peanut butter and jellies to the kids in the backseats and obviously, there was no audible then...I was the audible!) "

...Will the world change your children or will your children change the world?" by Julie Ferwerda. Incredible book! Our ministry's purpose is to enable parents to teach their children to love God and others in a real way, learn more about God and his word, and to live a life owned by God. We want to raise our children to live lives for God, meaning our purpose here on earth is to live for God and share his love with others. This book is hands down one the best books I've read awhile. It challenged us to think through where we are pouring our time, energy, and resources in terms of parenting our children. God has given us arrows. He has BLESSED us. We are to sharpen those arrows and launch them back to change the world for Him. Whether they grow up to be a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, or whatever, our job as parents is to mold, shape, and prepare them to do so. We are on an adventure together with our kids. A grand adventure called life. Life that should not be wasted on the here and now, but focused on what truly will matter in the long run. I encourage you to pick up the book. If all else fails, the proceeds go to benefit orphans and one more life will be blessed regardless:)"

Fast forward 11 years and I will say the same...keep raising up those arrows! We've launched two into the world now and it's worth all the time, sweat, and tears. It's an adventure for sure...enjoy the ride, have fun in the midst of these crazy days...

One Change a Day,

Aime Beth

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