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20 Things We Say to Our Kids that Sometimes We Have Trouble Doing

Over the last 21 years of parenting, we’ve come to learn that most lessons in life are caught not taught. Some people learn this lesson the easy way…and some of us the hard way. We see the power of modeling every time we see a little of ourselves in our children. “She gets that from you” or “that is definitely ‘your family’ ”. Phrases like these remind us that what we say matters only half as much as what we do. Here’s 20 things we say to our kids, which honestly, sometimes we just have trouble doing ourselves! Funny, but true...enjoy! “Eat all your vegetables” “Lose the bad attitude in the morning” “Make your bed” “Pick up after yourself” “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” “Quit being lazy” “Eat your dinner first” “Quit complaining” “Quit yelling” “Get your feet off the furniture” “Don’t roll your eyes” “They’re your sister/brother, you have to get along” “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today” “Go to bed…your body needs to rest” “Read your Bible and pray every day …and you’ll grow, grow, grow” “It’s always better to tell the truth” “Stand/sit still” "Get off your phone" "Don't gossip" "Don't pick your nose" “Be considerate of others” “Share” “Go say you’re sorry” What things are tough for you to follow through with? One Change a Day! ~Joe

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