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6 Simple Ways to Pursue Your Spouse this Week!

1. Surprise them with something little! Show up with their favorite magazine, coffee drink, candy, lunch, flowers, etc. Just something small that says, “I thought of you today and went out of my way to show you.” We all want to feel special and loved. 2. Ask them how their day was and REALLY listen! This helps us stay connected in the day to day. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to reconnect after we’ve been apart all day. 3. Cover their windshield or mirror with post-it notes! Write simple heart felt compliments of why you love and appreciate your spouse. Words are powerful. Use them to build up your spouse. Get mushy! 4. Ask them, “What can I do to help you this week?” Listen and make an effort to follow through. Marriage is a team. We need each other. Simple acts of helping and serving one another draw us close together and help keep us on the same team. 5. Do something you know your spouse loves to do for fun! This may not always be your first choice of fun, but this shows you are interested in them and their interest. If your husband loves baseball, go to that baseball game. If your wife loves chick flicks, sit down and watch one with her. 6. Greet them with a passionate kiss after a long day. Change it up! Catch them off guard. Have fun! Get out of boring gear. This week, make an extra effort to pursue your spouse! One change a day! ~Aime Beth


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